BOP COVID-19 Updates

Changes to accessing COVID-19 testing in Lakes DHB district

Access to COVID-19 testing for Lakes DHB residents is changing from today.

Since mid-March access for COVID-19 testing for Lakes DHB residents has been through a local call centre. This local assessment number is no longer in operation.

From today (Friday 29 May), if you are unwell with COVID-19 like symptoms, call the free COVID-19 Healthline number 0800 358 5453.

Free testing continues to be available to people with COVID-19 symptoms, but an appointment is now not necessary.

The symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to common illnesses such as a cold or influenza. You may have one or more of the following:

The COVID-19 testing locations remain the same, in Rotorua this is the Energy Events Centre and in Taupo this is at the clubrooms at the AC Baths. In Turangi this service has been operated by Pihanga Health and this will not change.

Lakes DHB acknowledges Rotorua Area Primary Health Services (RAPHS) which alongside Lakes DHB has been operating the local 0800 number, to support our local residents while the national call line was overloaded. The service provided in the midst of the pandemic has been excellent.

Opening hours for COVID-19 testing centres




Energy Events Centre

Monday – Friday

Saturday – Sunday & public holidays

9am – 4pm

9am – 12pm

(clubrooms at the AC Baths)

Monday – Friday



public holidays

10am – 3.30

9am – 12pm



(Pihanga Health)

Monday – Friday

Closed weekends public holidays

9am – 4pm

For all regular health problems people should continue to call their GP as they would in usual circumstances.

Protecting yourself and others from COVID-19

There are simple ways to protect yourself from COVID-19 and to prevent it spreading including staying home if you’re unwell, physical distancing and basic hygiene measures. This is the best defence we have against COVID-19.

Basic hygiene measures include: good hand hygiene, cough and sneeze etiquette, avoid touching your face, and clean surfaces.

Physical distancing

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